Obscene Society 2024: Ticket

This is not a ticket to Obscene Extreme Festival!!!


Last year it was after a ten-year hiatus, but this year, as you can see, we're still going on!!! Obscene Society, or if you want a „little Obscene“ as the name has become domesticated, returns to the venue with the best possible line-up, where every fan of extreme music is sure to find their own, whether you are a fan of the speed of grindcore blastbeats, the punch of thrash guitars, the fury of hardcore or the sludge of stoner. You'll get all this and much more right in your face at the end of April at OBSCENE SOCIETY festival 2024, for the second time in the great premises of Pardubice club ABC. This year we've got twelve great bands lined up for you (that's one more than last year), all at the same price and with the same comfort as last year. So you can look forward to great sound and lights from Marian, the sound engineer of the great OEF, a variety of vegan catering and traditionally a mini beer fest with some great craft brewery brands. Of course, the main focus of the OBSCENE SOCIETY festival is our extreme rumble and judge for yourself that this year we have managed to have an extremely great selection of the best grapes...

Pre-sale for OBSCENE SOCIETY festival starts now. The first wave of tickets for 666 CZK (approx. 28 euro) is limited to 100 pieces. The second wave of pre-sales will be for 750,- CZK (approx. 32 euro) and the ticket price will be 800,- CZK (approx. 34 euro) on the spot.

OBSCENE SOCIETY festival 2024

Saturday - 27. 4. 2024, PARDUBICE - KLUB ABC (Štolbova 2665), abcklub.cz

14.00 - Opening of the venue

15.00 - 15.30 DEADROOTS - Very young and promising blood from South Bohemia will bring a solid thrash explosion!!! 

15.45 - 16.15 GORC - Crushing and provoked fastcore with a great pull on the right gate!!!

16.30 - 17.00 PUTRID EVIL - Repulsion probably experienced reincarnation in Poland. Putrid Evil's latest album only confirms it!!! 

17.15 - 17.45 FAÜST - Young, but already well known thrashers!!! Hard and straight to the core!!!

18.00 - 18.30 !.T.O.O.H.! - The legendary duo Schizoid and Humanoid is back. Psychopathic tones in a neurotic drum tempo with unmistakable lyrics!!! 

18.40 - 19.10 BETON - Dirty death metal bulldozer with a slight admixture of d-takt tempo. Like being rolled over by a fully armed tank!!! 

19.20 - 20.05 CONTRASTIC - One of the most original bands on the Czech scene, which we all love for almost 30 years and which constantly surprises us where else you can go with extreme music!!!

20.15 - 21.00 ISACAARUM - It wasn't expected that the guys would come back, but they did and, led by Chymus, they will play the now cult songs from the legendary albums "Curbed" + "Cunt Hackers" and maybe add some brand new ones!!!

21.10 - 22.00 INHUMATE - We love them, you love them, they love us all. No more words needed. The huge OEF fans are back to chop you into little noodles!!!

22.15 - 23.15 INSANITY ALERT - Run to the pit!!! Mosh for your life!!! Atomic energy crossover of hardcore and thrash. These guys will undoubtedly make the whole club dance and the stage diving will go full speed!!!

23.30 - 00.15 MOB 47 - Legend of dirty Scandinavian hardcore since 1983. Despite their advanced age, their fury has not subsided. This is going to hurt!!! 

00.25 - 01.15 BELZEBONG - One of the best representatives of stoner/doom metal on the European continent. Their performance, as usual, will take us to another planet!!!

01.15 - 03.00 DJ BILOS - And if you can't get enough, you can dance to hits from Abba to Napalm Death...



€ 32.00