OEF 2024: Ticket (sold out)

••• 4 days • 82 bands • 1 stage • freak shows • freak festival • special Wednesday genre festival • many more!!! •••

OBSCENE EXTREME 2024 - 25th anniversary

July 3.-7. červenec 2024

Trutnov - Czech republic

Czech republic

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••• We are the OEF. Outside All Boundaries. Forever. •••

Thank you for your support!!!

We had to set the price of the tickets taking into account inflation and costs that are still rising. For some items, we pay once as much. We don't even like this, but to be able to organize OEF and since we pay for everything with ticket money, a small increase is inevitable. Still, we try to make Obscene Extreme affordable, not overprice OEF merch, beer, etc. Some services that are normally charged for elsewhere we offer for free (camping, showers, phone charging, kids play area, etc). All without sponsors or city, county or state support. We hope you understand all of this and it is up to you to support us. THANK YOU!!! IN FANS WE TRUST!!!


€ 172.00