OEF 2024: Locker box

A great alternative to the classic wardrobe!!! Lockable boxes with their own key are a secure storage for your belongings. 

- The lockers are under constant surveillance. Your camera, money and other valuables will be safe throughout the festival. 
- The lockers can be found next to the VIP camping area (to the right of the gate from the camping area to the grounds).
- You have unlimited access to the box at any time during the event without waiting in lines.
- The large locker capacity encourages you to rent a locker box with friends and share the rental price. - The price for renting 1 locker is valid from Wednesday to Sunday.
- The size of one box is 30 x 30 x 50 cm.

Please take care of your belongings, use the services of storage rooms and locker boxes and do not leave any valuables in the tent or car!!!



€ 26.00